Caring Medical Aid Organization

Mercy Heart Clinic is supported financially by Piedmont Rockdale (in kind), Foundations, Non-Government Authorities, Churches, Businesses and individuals.  The majority of our support comes from within Rockdale County.

Health care support is provided by volunteer Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Dental Hygienists.

The staff consists of an Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Clerical Assistant, Social Worker (Patient Navigator), Family Nurse Practitioner.

Mercy Heart works in collaboration with other Non-Profits in Rockdale County.

Leveraging the Power of Collaboration
As a core partner in Restoration Storehouse, we understand when someone is in need, life is already overwhelming to them without a scattered search for help. Restoration Storehouse Center bridges the gaps for those in need by providing connections to multiple resources in one place. We provide a wealth of knowledge and life skills to learn. With our collaboration, they don’t have to search all over Rockdale. Our combined resources are right down the hall. By leveraging all of our partners’ abilities and purposes in one location, we find better solutions that address the entire problem.
Our collaboration involves six different non-profit partners:

  • Mercy Heart Clinic
  • New Covenant Fellowship
  • One Heart Ministries Inc
  • Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale
  • Rockdale Coalition for Families and Children
  • Rockdale Emergency Relief
  • Nationa EMS

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